Projects and Ideas

Towards a Collaborative Public Art -
after working in the public envirnoment for while, it seems like a good time to look at what is my primary motivation in these projects. Creativity is ubiquitous enough to make heroic monumental public art seem obsolete. Why not make public creativity itself the subject of public art? continues here

What is Public Art For?
The heroic monumental sculpture may have had its day. The 'hero' in the piazza might just be all of us. Read more

was a huge success. Read about it in the article in Peckham Peculiar
Read the 3 part blog diary about it here

'Moment to Moment' -
100 sculptures telling the story of a life. Toured venues in Italy, Scotland, and England. For an overview of the sculptures click here
BBC News and other press about Moment to Moment here

Sketching with Film -
The 'stop frame' nature of the sculptures of Moment to Moment has led to an exploration of animation. How I use film as a sketchbook

New Manchester school makeover project Blog diary here

Randy Klein
Moment to Moment sculptures
Randy Klein
A new series of cutouts
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